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Since 1942, Van Duzer & Associates, Inc. has provided a full service insurance experience ranging from personal to commercial to specialty insurance in California. Each specifically tailored to the needs of the individual client.

Established by Richard Van Duzer II as a commercial lines insurance brokerage, our agency was nurtured under the management of his son Richard Van Duzer III. During his tenure of leadership, broadened the spectrum of services offered from commercial lines to surplus and specialty lines as well as personal lines of insurance.

Today, under the leadership of Rich Van Duzer IV, the agency has experienced immense growth as a result of his vast knowledge of current insurance trends and continued emphasis on personal and prompt service.

We have continued our tradition of a personal, boutique experience for our clients, ensuring that they interact personally with agency representatives while conducting business on a first name basis.

In keeping pace with the modern insurance trends of society and business, our agency continues to operate with an ever-increasing technological edge, in an effort to provide the most up-to-date and informed service experience for our upwardly mobile clientele and the increasingly fast-paced, real time world in which we now live.

The future of our agency will see ever-improving, user friendly technologically advance modes of communication, ranging from a broader email experience to swift policy updates with real-time adjusted premium information and instant delivery of your insurance information.

Our agency aims to keep pace with your life and your insurance needs with cutting edge technology, while continuing to provide a personal experience from a more genteel, by-gone era of business practice.

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